4A KingCo fall 2021 all-league football: Eastlake sweeps Crest division top honors

The 4A KingCo all-league teams were announced Wednesday morning for the Crest and Crown divisions, as voted on and organized by league coaches after the conclusion of the regular season.

Eastlake swept the KingCo-Crest all-league honors after its undefeated run to the 4A KingCo championship under first-year head coach Kyle Snell. The top honors were spread out in the KingCo-Crown.

Here are the teams:


Offensive MVP: Parker Barrysmith, Eastlake, sr.

Defensive MVP: Griffin Miller, Eastlake, sr.

Lineman of the year: Owen Coomes, Eastlake, jr.

Coach of the year: Kyle Snell, Eastlake

Assistant coach of the Year: Jay Tully, Eastlake



Parker Barrysmith, Eastlake, quarterback, sr.

Chatinay Munjal, Eastlake, center, sr.

Jaden Ketner, Mount Si, guard, sr.

Owen Coomes, Eastlake, guard, jr.

Henry Isakson, Eastlake, tackle, sr.

Heath Ozaeta, Mount Si, tackle, jr.

Beck Walker, Skyline, running back, sr.

Griffin Miller, Eastlake, tight end, sr.

Noah Weintraub, Eastlake, wide receiver, sr.

Aidan Daugherty, Mount Si, wide receiver, sr.


Logan Eller, Eastlake, defensive end, sr.

Carson Clay, Mount Si, defensive end, sr.

Owen Coomes, Eastlake, defensive tackle, jr.

Tyler Steinbach, Skyline, defensive tackle, sr.

Griffin Miller, Eastlake, inside linebacker, sr.

Jake Smith, Mount Si, inside linebacker, sr.

Harry Reid, Eastlake, outside linebacker, jr.

Guy Brucchieri, Mount Si, outside linebacker, jr.

Noah Weintraub, Eastlake, corner back, sr.

TJ Crandall, Skyline, corner back, jr.

Aidan Daughtery, Mount Si, safety, sr.

Michael Kistner, Eastlake, safety, sr.

Special teams

Sam Michotte, Issaquah, punter, sr.

Cooper Britton, Mount Si, kicker, soph.

TJ Crandall, Skyline, return specialist, jr.



Avery Walker, Eastlake, quarterback, sr.

Tyler Steinbach, Skyline, center, sr.

Vincente Pulido, Redmond, guard, jr.

Ryan Ware, Eastlake, guard, sr.

Will Henderson, Skyline, tackle, jr.

Lucas Freitas, Mount Si, tackle, jr.

Ethan Kim, Eastlake, tackle, sr.

Jack Peterson, Eastlake, running back, sr.

Michael Lester, Eastlake, running back, sr.

Zach Roper, Redmond, running back, sr.

JT De Rouen, Mount Si, tight end, sr.

TJ Crandall, Skyline, receiver, jr.

Jake Severns, Redmond, wide receiver, sr.

Spencer Blumenthal, Issaquah, wide receiver, jr.


Henry Zaske, Skyline, defensive end, sr.

Vicente Pulido, Redmond, defensive end, jr.

Isaac Lolohea, Redmond, defensive tackle, sr.

Heath Ozaeta, Mount Si, defensive tackle, jr.

Matthew Fullmer, Issaquah, defensive tackle, sr.

Carter King, Skyline, inside linebacker, sr.

Chase Buckingham, Redmond, inside linebacker, sr.

Chandler Tuupo, Issaquah, inside linebacker, sr.

Bronson Terpstra, Skyline, outside linebacker, jr.

Blake Borup, Eastlake, outside linebacker, jr.

Beau Phillips, Mount Si, corner back, soph.

JT Weir, Skyline, corner back, jr.

Sam Stavoe, Redmond, safety, sr.

Mike Roni, Skyline, safety, jr,

Ragen Kiefer, Issaquah, safety, sr.

Special teams

Spencer King, Skyline, punter, sr.

Noah Weintraub, Eastlake, kicker, sr.

Spencer King, Skyline, kicker, sr.

Will Eaton, Eastlake, return specialist, sr.


Cam Set-Chan, Mount Si, inside linebacker, sr.

Luke Richter, Mount Si, safety, sr.

Andy Cole, Mount Si, safety, sr.

Jaden Wells, Mount Si, defensive end, soph.

Henry Hess, Issaquah, running back/return specialist, sr.

Tanner Geraci, Issaquah, wide receiver, sr.

Sebastian Powers, Issaquah, corner back, soph.

Sebastian Lorete, Issaquah, safety, jr.

Henry Isackson, Eastlake, defensive end, sr.

Kai Lane, Eastlake, defensive line, jr.

Will Eaton, Eastlake, wide receiver, sr.

Colby Marsh, Eastlake, corner back, jr.

Nate Fischer, Skyline, safety, soph.

Austin Tsow, Skyline, offensive tackle, sr.

JT Weir, Skyline, wide receiver, jr.

Aidyn Clark, Skyline, wide receiver, sr.

Dillon Williams, Redmond, corner back, sr.

Sam Stavoe, Redmond, tight end, sr.

Isaiah Townsend, Redmond, safety, sr.

Isaiah Biemeck, Redmond, inside linebacker, soph.


Offensive MVP: Kennedy McGill, North Creek, sr.

Defensive MVP: Oliver Bragg, Woodinville, sr.

Lineman of the year: Luka Vincic, Bothell, sr.

Coach of the year: Tom Bainter, Bothell

Assistant coach of the year: Mel Mersberg, Inglemoor



Kennedy McGill, North Creek, quarterback, sr.

Auden James, Bothell, center, sr.

Carson Giles, Woodinville, guard, sr.

Parker James, Bothell, guard, sr.

Tyler Luzan, North Creek, tackle, sr.

Luka Vincic, Bothell, tackle, sr.

Henry Nichols, Woodinville, running back, sr.

Bryce Kooy, Bothell, running back, jr.

Rocco Traore, North Creek, running back, sr.

Bo Graham, Woodinville, tight end, sr.

Max Finney, Woodinville, wide receiver, sr.

Max Boden, North. Creek, wide receiver, sr.

Sam Stewart, Bothell, wide receiver, sr.


Oliver Bragg, Woodinville, defensive line, sr.

Tony Frank, Inglemoor, defensive line, sr.

Adam Duffy, Woodinville, defensive line, sr.

Connor Tompkins-Delacerda, Bothell, defensive line, jr.

Erik Lee, North Creek, inside linebacker, sr.

Gavin Thorsen, Woodinville, inside linebacker, sr.

Nick Owens, Woodinville, outside linebacker, sr.

Brady Goff, North. Creek, outside linebacker, jr.

Sam Stewart, Bothell, corner back, sr.

Kyree Percival, Bothell, corner back, sr.

Rocco Traore, North Creek, safety, sr.

Marcus Heffernan, Bothell, safety, jr.

Special teams

Charlie Shulkin, Bothell, punter, sr.

Charlie Shulkin, Bothell, kicker, sr.

Rocco Traore, North Creek, return specialist, sr.



Logan Lacio, Bothell, quarterback, sr.

Waseem Khan, Woodinville, center, sr.

Jack Detmon, Inglemoor, center, jr.

Llyeton Pilukas, Woodinville, guard, jr.

Jacobaas Van Ruiten, North Creek, guard, jr.

Rudy Rodany, Bothell, guard, jr.

Noah Ochoa, Bothell, tackle, sr.

Tyler Gerde, Woodinville, tackle, sr.

CJ Ugokwoli, Inglemoor, running back, jr.

Stephen Woodward, North Creek, tight end, jr.

Jamal Omar, North Creek, jr.

Marcus Heffernan, Bothell, wide receiver, sr.

Kyree Percival, Bothell, wide receiver, sr.


Nick Madison, North Creek, defensive line, sr.

Kateo Fa’aiu, North Creek, defensive line, jr.

Ivori Keo, Woodinville, defensive line, jr.

Detric Riley, Inglemoor, defensive line, jr.

Adam Smith, Bothell, inside linebacker, sr.

Stephen Woodward, North Creek, inside linebacker, jr.

Jimmy Tucker, Bothell, outside linebacker, sr.

Isaac Fuiten, Woodinville, corner back, sr.

Luke Naldrett, North Creek, corner back, jr.

Cash Sanders, Woodinville, safety, jr.

Cody Petrin, Bothell, safety, jr.

Special teams

Finley Bragg, Woodinville, kicker, soph.

Bryce Kooy, Bothell, return specialist, jr.


Carson Ackerman, Woodinville, wide receiver, jr.

Theo Grothen, Woodinville, quarterback, sr.

Lucas Dahl, Woodinville, wide receiver, sr.

Ryan Bowles, Woodinville, inside linebacker, sr.

Andrew Goff, Noth Creek, offensive line, jr.

Cedric Washington, North Creek, safety, sr.

Declan Adams, North Creek, tight end, jr.

Logan Fialdini, North Creek, running back, jr.

Daniel Garcia, Inglemoor, running back, jr.

Alex Damboianu, Inglemoor, tight end, sr.

Ioseph Flores, Inglemoor, quarterback/corner back, sr.

Quentin Ballweber, Inglemoor, defensive end, sr.

Cody Petrin, Bothell, wide receiver, jr.

Mingo Lemley, Bothell, outside linebacker, soph.

Lead photo by Vince Miller

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