4A/3A Mid-Columbia Conference fall 2021 all-league football: Henry Mercado, Bronson Childs named players of the year

Here are the 3A/4A Mid-Columbia Conference first team, second team and honorable mention selections for the fall 2021 football season, as voted on by league coaches.

The criteria for the teams is also decided by the coaches.

Offensive player of the year: Henry Mercado, Kamiakin

Defensive player of the year: Bronson Childs, Kennewick

Lineman of the year: Ayden Knapik, Kennewick

All-purpose player of the year: Payton Graham, Kamiakin

Coach of the year: Scott Biglin, Kamikin



Ashton Tripp, Kennewick, offensive line, jr.

Andon Castilla, Kamiakin, offensive line, sr.

Jaxin McCallum, Kamiakin, offensive line, sr.

Aidan Canada, Kamiakin, wide receiver, sr.

Lucien Cone, Southridge, wide receiver, jr.

Kade Smith, Chiawana, wide receiver, jr.

Henry Mercado, Kamiakin, quarterback, sr.


Gabe Tahir, Kamiakin, defensive back, jr.

Payton Graham, Kamiakin, defensive back, sr.

Austin Stoddard, Kennewick, defensive back, sr.

Luke Ritchie, Richland, defensive back, sr.

Bronson Childs, Kennewick, linebacker, sr.

Isayah Galvez, Richland, linebacker, jr.

Luis Salgado, Kamiakin, linebacker, sr.

Myles Mayovsky, Kennewick, linebacker, sr.

Aaron Tano, Kamiakin, defensive line, sr.

Sam Cadenas, Hermiston, defensive line, sr.

Ayden Knapik, Kennewick, defensive line, sr.

Elijah Rodriguez, Richland, defensive line, sr.

Special teams

Jamie Townsend II, Pasco, kick returner, sr.

Lance Spaniel, Southridge, punter, sr.

Michael Kot, Chiawana, kicker, sr.



Noah Collinridge, Richland, offensive line, sr.

Sam Cadenas, Hermiston, offensive line, sr.

Aden Goodwin, Walla Walla, offensive line, sr.

Josh Evans, Hanford, offensive line, sr.

Wade McGaughy, Southridge, offensive line, sr.

Tanner Schuster, Richland, wide receiver, jr.

EJ Hawkins, Kamiakin, wide receiver, sr.

Bronson Childs, Kennewick, wide receiver, sr.

Seth Shook, Richland, wide receiver, jr.

Marco Elizondo, Chiawana, wide receiver, jr.

Jake Humphrey, Walla Walla, running back, sr.

Jimmy Rush, Southridge, running back, jr.

JP Zamora, Chiawana, quarterback, sr.


Isaac Hoag, Chiawana, defensive back, sr.

Aaren Lindsey, Walla Walla, defensive back, sr.

Simeon Howard, Kennewick, defensive back, sr.

Lucien Cone, Southridge, defensive back, jr.

Aidan Canada, Kamiakin, defensive back, sr.

EJ Hawkins, Kamiakin, linebacker, sr.

Kale Crawford, Kamiakin, linebacker, sr.

Caden Hottman, Hermiston, linebacker, sr.

Logan Ashbeck, Walla Walla, linebacker, sr.

Andon Castilla, Kamiakin, defensive line, sr.

Jacob Raab, Richland, defensive line, sr.

Camden McCollaugh, Walla Walla, defensive line, sr.

Trevor Hoopes, Southridge, defensive line, jr.

Judah Bishop, Chiawana, defensive line, jr.

Special teams

Landon Charleton, Richland, kick returner, jr.

Payton Graham, Kamiakin, punter, sr.

Zaydel Capetillo, Kennewick, kicker, jr.



Chase Langford, Chiawana, offensive line, jr.

Jon Smith, Walla Walla, offensive line, jr.

Gauge Machado, Pasco, offensive line, sr.

Briar Tousley, Hanford, offensive line, sr.

Fabian Hernandez, Kamiakin, wide receiver, jr.

Caden Hottman, Hermiston, wide receiver, sr.

Jamie Townsend II, Pasco, running back, sr.


Manny Rosales, Pasco, defensive back, sr.

Skyler Williamson, Hanford, defensive back, sr.

Seth Shook, Richland, defensive back, jr.

Eli Allen, Kamiakin, defensive back, sr.

Landon Charleton, Richland, defensive back, jr.

Kalani Steward, Richland, linebacker, jr.

Caden Wilson, Hanford, linebacker, soph.

Hunter Taylor, Chiawana, linebacker, soph.

Jamie Townsend iI, Pasco, linebacker, sr.

Jake Humphrey, Walla Walla, linebacker, sr.

Ashton Tripp, Kennewick, defensive line, jr.

Santos Flores, Kennewick, defensive line, sr.

Easton Skipper, Southridge, defensive line, sr.

Darion Johnson, Chiawana, defensive line, sr.

Special teams

Joey Weisenfels, Richland, punter, sr.

Jael Valle, Pasco, kicker, fr.


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