3A NPSL all-league football spring 2021: Auburn Mountainview’s Berkley Alfrey is player of the year

Here are the 3A NPSL first team, second team and honorable mention selections for the spring of 2021 football season, as voted on by the coaches:

Most valuable player: Berkley Alfrey, Auburn Mountainview

Offensive back of the year: Amari Goodfellow, Auburn

Offensive lineman of the year: Isaiah Petelo, Auburn

Defensive lineman of the year: Keanu Mailoto, Auburn Mountainview

Defensive back of the year: Blake Peterson, Kentlake

Special teams player of the year: Teagin Child, Auburn Mountainview

All-purpose player of the year: Tyler Thompson, Kentlake

Coach of the year: Jared Gervais, Auburn Mountainview

Assistant coaches of the year: Cory Lien, Auburn; Kent Rodseth, Auburn Mountainview; Isaac Vandeweert, Auburn Riverside; Jay Freeman, Kentlake; Brian Stogsdill, Kent-Meridian; Majacque Gregory, Thomas Jefferson; D.J. Sigurdson, Todd Beamer


QB — Nate Beck, Kentlake

RB — Arona Tauiliili, Auburn Riverside

RB — Tui Tuifua, Kent-Meridian

WR — Teagin Child, Auburn Mountainview

WR — Lateibreon Chandler, Auburn

WR — Thaddeus Umi-Tuato’o, Auburn Riverside

WR — Blake Peterson, Kentlake

OL — Malik Agbo, Todd Beamer

OL — Jayden Jones, Todd Beamer

OL — Kone Aumua, Auburn Riverside

OL — Etu Tuifua, Kent-Meridian

OL — Keanu Mailoto, Auburn Mountainview


DL — Kone Aumua, Auburn Riverside

DL — Kupono Planesi, Kentlake

DL — Etu Tuifua, Kent-Meridian

DL — Austin Null, Thomas Jefferson

LB — Arona Tauiliili, Auburn Riverside

LB — Atticus Smith, Kentlake

LB — Eric Moedl, Kentlake

LB — Kaiden O’Neal, Auburn

DB — Teagin Child, Auburn Mountainview

DB — Thaddeus Umi-Tuato’o, Auburn Riverside

DB — Abdiel Ocon Salcido, Kentlake

DB — Josh Toney, Auburn Mountainview


K — Mauricio Sanchez, Thomas Jefferson

P — Dilan Sadler, Kentlake

R — Thaddeus Umi-Tuato’o, Auburn Riverside


QB — Kayde Bodine, Auburn Mountainview

RB — Lorenzo Brown, Thomas Jefferson

RB — Maloni Aho, Thomas Jefferson

WR — Tusi Apelu, Thomas Jefferson

WR — Landen Bowser, Auburn Mountainview

WR — Jace Villers, Auburn Riverside

WR — Jailon Goodfellow, Auburn

OL — Marquis Phillips, Auburn

OL — Carlos Cordova McCoy, Auburn Mountainview

OL — Henry Dalrymple, Auburn Riverside

OL — Kupono Planesi, Kentlake

OL — Aumua Tausili, Thomas Jefferson


DL — Chris Holt, Auburn Riverside

DL — Kamiani Fatimlo, Thomas Jefferson

DL — Malik Agbo, Todd Beamer

DL — Alhassane Banguoura, Todd Beamer

LB — Tui Tuifua, Kent-Meridian

LB — Keagan Williams, Auburn Mountainview

LB — Andrew Thompson, Auburn Mountainview

LB — Easton Rutledge, Auburn

DB — Carson Brown, Auburn Riverside

DB — Taylor Davis, Auburn Mountainview

DB — D.J. Clayton, Thomas Jefferson

DB — Andrew Butler, Auburn Riverside


K — Noah Soepardi, Kentlake

K — Mike Goforth, Auburn Riverside

P — Mike Goforth, Auburn Riverside

R — Jaden Herwick, Thomas Jefferson


QB — Payton Acceturro, Auburn Riverside; Jayden Saelee, Kent-Meridian

RB — Yehochanan Laloulu, Auburn; Richard Fotualii-Aliifua, Todd Beamer

WR — Alan Braaflat, Kentlake; Abdiel Ocon Salcido, Kentlake; Andrew Butler, Auburn Riverside; Nazar Tarasov, Kent-Meridian

OL — Tyreeq Reaves, Auburn; Jaikarn Aulakh, Auburn Mountainview; Nate Pritchard, Auburn Riverside; Veer Kahlon, Kent-Meridian; Hayden Smith, Thomas Jefferson


DL — Hunter Ehrig, Kentlake; Colton Mead, Kentlake; Isaiah Petelo, Auburn; Isaiah English, Auburn Mountainview; Carlos Cordova McCoy, Auburn Mountainview; Josiah Barnenas, Thomas Jefferson

LB — Lucas James, Auburn Riverside; Allen De La Rosa Hernandez, Kent-Meridian; Ikuna Muaski, Thomas Jefferson

DB — Rhyan Fesili, Auburn; Kudzie Marunda, Auburn Mountainview; Jaelen Irvis, Todd Beamer; Marlon McLarty, Thomas Jefferson

(3A NPSL all-league team formatted by The News Tribune)

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