The Iso podcast with Dan Dickau: Tyson Degenhart, Mt. Spokane coach David Wagenblast dive into Hardwood Classic memories, NCAA tournament dreams

March is a month synonymous with amateur basketball. There’s the NCAA tournament, of course, which is set to take place in the middle of the month. And for high school basketball fans in Washington, there’s the Hardwood Classic state basketball tournaments in the Tacoma Dome, which has been nixed for the 2021 season due to the pandemic.

In a high school themed week of The Iso podcast with Dan Dickau, some of the top recruits in the state of Washington join with their high school coaches to relive their favorite memories and how they’re preparing for the college game. Monday’s episode features Mt. Spokane forward Tyson Degenhart and coach David Wagenblast. Degenhart is a 6-foot-7 three-star 2021 forward signed with Boise State. He led the Mt. Spokane Wildcats to the 3A state tournament twice, reaching the finals in 2018. Dickau ranked him the No. 3 recruit in the state across all classes.

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