The Iso podcast with Dan Dickau: P.J. Carlesimo on the Big East’s heyday, his jump to NBA, coaching the Dream Team

P.J. Carlesimo joined Monday’s episode of The Iso with Dan Dickau to tell a wide range of stories from his lengthy coaching career.

Carlesimo, who is 71 years old and lives in Seattle, is one of the rare coaching examples who has experienced success in the college ranks at the likes of Wagner and Seton Hall, the NBA for various franchises, as well as with the Dream Team and USA Basketball.

“It wasn’t that I was a better coach, it was that I got a better team and I was smart enough to surround myself (with great coaches),” Carlesimo told Dickau of his charmed transition to the NBA.

The Iso with Dan Dickau is a podcast presented by SBLive Sports and the Bleav Podcast Network, which publishes weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Dickau, a former Gonzaga All-American, NBA vet-turned basketball analyst interviews experts all corners of the sports world from coaches, front office executives to athletes about untold stories, memories and experiences. Friday’s episode was sponsored by Seattle Shirt Company. Enter offer code “BLEAV” at checkout for 30 percent off of your entire order.

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