In the end, Isaiah Thomas runs away with title of best Washington high school basketball player of the 21st Century

Washington high school basketball fans went to the polls this week, and in the end they crowned Isaiah Thomas.

In a 32-player bracket that featured an impressive collection of talent, Thomas knocked off two No. 1 seeds — Michael Porter Jr. and Brandon Roy — before besting Zach LaVine in Friday’s championship round. Thomas now holds the unofficial title of “The Best Washington High School Boys Basketball Player of the 21st Century.”

In polling conducted across Scorebook Live, Twitter and Instagram, Thomas beat LaVine by more than 100 votes (325 to 218), earning more than 62% of the vote.

Over the course of the five-day competition we received more than 15,000 votes. Thank you to everyone who participated!

You can view the complete results below:



Dickau’s Details:

Thomas (Curtis, 2006*)
“One of the best scorers ever in the state despite his size. Strong, skilled, and shifty with the bounce – combined with his competitiveness has allowed him to have success at Curtis HS (left after his junior year for South Kent School in Conn.), UW and a lengthy NBA career.”

LaVine, Bothell (2013)
“Supreme athlete who could really shoot it – played at Bothell High School before heading to UCLA. Left after one season and with his work ethic has carved out and incredible NBA career.”


Isaiah Thomas won the total vote across SB Live, Twitter and Instagram 325-218.

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