Scorebook Live names Russell Baker as President and Chief Operating Officer

Scorebook Live, a high school sports media and technology platform, announced Thursday that it has hired Russell Baker, a 15-year veteran Amazon executive as its first President and Chief Operating Officer.

As one of the original members of the Kindle team, Baker founded and built the global business development team for Amazon’s Devices. Most recently, he was a General Manager in Amazon’s Restaurant Delivery business, owning product, engineering, sales, and account management for national brands.

Russell Baker
Russell Baker is Scorebook Live’s first President and COO.

“Russell brings a wealth of business and operations experience to Scorebook Live at a time when we are experiencing the type of tremendous growth that requires us to formalize our operations across all departments,” said Dan Beach, Scorebook Live’s CEO and founder. “Russell brings us innovation and leadership from his 15 years at Amazon and our employees and partners are as excited as I am to have him join the team full time after two years of being an active board member at Scorebook Live.”

As Scorebook Live’s President and COO, Baker will apply his experience in building scalable businesses to drive the company‚Äôs marketing, sales, and operations. This need is particularly important for Scorebook Live as the company is set up for rapid growth of its Scorebook, GameDay, and SBL+ products. Baker’s familiarity with digital content, technology, sales, and marketing from his tenure at Amazon and previous companies, aligns with Scorebook Live’s vision for the future.

“Scorebook Live has built a solid product and has gotten adoption by thousands of high school teams across several states,” said Baker. “I am very excited to join a strong yet nimble core team and help drive growth through scalable flywheels that I learned at Amazon. High school sports is a massive yet under-served market for mobile and cloud technology. We have only scratched the surface of a huge opportunity to improve the customer experience in this hyper local market segment.”

About Scorebook Live, Inc.

Scorebook Live is a sports media and technology company with offices in San Diego, California and Spokane, Washington. The company brings coaches, players, administrators and fans inside the high school sports market with innovative software and content solutions. State athletic associations, leagues, schools and teams have access to a suite of free mobile apps and websites that enable them to score their games, report scores and engage fans with Digital Scorebooks and auto-updating league, team and player profile pages throughout the season.

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