Coaches Spotlight: 7 questions with Zillah boys basketball coach Mario Mengarelli

In his third season as the head boys basketball coach at Zillah High School, Mario Mengarelli has the Leopards poised for another deep state tournament run.

Zillah (20-1) is currently No. 4 in the WIAA’s 1A RPI rankings, with their only loss coming to 2A power Lynden. In his first two seasons as the head coach Mengarelli has led the Leopards to a 1A state title (2017) and a 3rd place finish (2018).

We recently caught up with Mengarelli to ask him seven questions:

Why did you get into coaching?

It is something I always wanted to do growing up. Keeping the competitive culture and being a part of a team is an amazing experience.

Outside of current team/program what are your coaching aspirations?

I currently do not have any aspirations to leave. Raising a family in a community I love and coaching a program that treats basketball as much more than a game. It would have to be an amazing opportunity for me to leave.

Who is your coaching mentor?

I currently beg, borrow, and steal from everyone at every level. Being a part of the WIBCA family creates so many networking opportunities.

What is your best coaching resource?

The best resource I have is making a phone call to other coaches. As far as finding X/O stuff, I watch/record college/NBA games and steal from social media.

Who is the best coach you’ve matched Xs and Os with?

Brian Roper, Lynden High School.

Who is the best player you’ve coached?

Trey Delp.

Who is the best player you’ve seen at the high school level in Washington?

Luke Ridnour as a kid growing up and Corey Kispert as a coach.


Hometown – Granger, Washington

HS, College – Granger High School, Central Washington

Coaching career – Middle School football and basketball. High school football, baseball, tennis, and basketball.

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