Coaches Spotlight: Brandon Evenson, Ephrata High School boys basketball

We recently caught up with Ephrata High School boys basketball coach Brandon Evenson, who is in the middle of his 15th season with the Tigers.

Hometown: Okanogan, Washington

HS/College: Okanogan, Washington and Kamiah, Idaho/University of Idaho

Athlete in HS/College: High school football, basketball, and track

Coaching career: Moscow, Idaho (assistant); Bridgeport, Washington (5 years as head coach); Ephrata, Washington (2004-present)

Why did you get into coaching?

The passion for the sport and the ability to teach that and the life lessons to young student/athletes. Also, sports and coaches helped me during difficult times in my life and I wanted to give back.

Outside of your current team/program, what are your coaching aspirations?

I really like where I am and the program we have. Someday I will be done and would love to mentor young coaches, I would love to help out with unified basketball.

Who is your coaching mentor?

Don Dudley gave me a start many years ago in Moscow, he was a great mentor. Coach Marty O’Brien for sure was a big mentor for me here in Ephrata. Many others to list that are currently coaching!

What is your best coaching resource?

Peers and of course picking things up. I love stealing things from watching the game.

Who is the best coach you’ve matched x/o’s with?

So many I have had the opportunity and humbled to coach against. Brian Roper (Lynden), Bill Backamus (MM), Steve Elder (EV Yak), Joe Harris (Chelan), Mile Hull (Pateros), Pat Skeen (BE and Kings)

Who is the best player you’ve coached?

Daniel Simon (2008)

Patrick Simon (2010)

Ross Buchert (2010)

Gunnar Blankenship (2015)

Loyd Burleson (2015)

Cameron Clark (2017)

But every player has left an impression to my life as a player. They have all had their strengths! I can’t pick one!

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