7 questions with David Pratt, head girls basketball coach at Mt. Spokane High School

David Pratt is in his fourth season as the head girls basketball coach at Mt. Spokane High School, and he has the Wildcats on a roll. Mt. Spokane enters the week 17-1 and ranked No. 6 in Scorebook Live’s latest girls basketball power rankings. We recently reached out to Pratt to ask him seven questions:

Why did you get into coaching?

Loved the game and wanted to help high school kids learn the game. I started working at NBC camps in the summers right after college and my coaching career began.

Outside of your current team/program, what are your coaching aspirations?

I love Mt. Spokane and my aspirations and goals are centered on continuing to build our program and help our kids learn and grow as people and as players.

Who is your coaching mentor?

Lou Dunham – hired me at NBC and Mead and built in me a philosophy that I still carry with me today.

What is the best coaching resource?

Film – I watch a ton of film and games.

Peers – Other coaches both in high school and college levels that talk through what works best for them. I attend coach’s clinics every couple of years.

Who is the best coach you’ve matched x/o’s with?

I watch and keep up with so many coaches. I read articles, watch videos, and watch tons of college games. From all of the years I assisted, I was blessed with being able to work for outstanding coaches and learn and grow as a coach.

Who is the best player you’ve coached?

I have had so many awesome players that I have been blessed to be able to coach. I can’t pick just one. I believe with every ounce of me that best players are only best players because they work hard and because they have great teammates that help make them great. In recent years, I have been so blessed by the kids that have come through our program at Mt. Spokane. They have all been best players I’ve coached.

Who is the best player you’ve seen at the high school level in WA?

Near impossible to name just one – we’ve been so fortunate to have so many great players come through Spokane in particular, but also in the state. However, one of the best players I’ve seen in our state is Hailey Van Lith – Cashmere.

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

High School/College: Hawthorne High School/Corban University

Athlete in HS/College: Played in high school

Coaching Career

NW Christian Boys Assistant – 97-2000

Mead High School Girls Assistant – 2000-04

Kennewick High School Girls Assistant – 2004-05

Lakeside Boys – Head coach – 2005-11

Mt. Spokane Boys – Assistant – 2011-13

Whitworth Women’s Assistant – 2013-15

Mt. Spokane Girls – Head coach – 2015-Present

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