Players Spotlight: Abdullahi Mohamed, West Seattle High School

Scorebook Live’s Dan Dickau visits with West Seattle senior, Abdullahi Mohamed.
How would you describe your game?
My game is strong, crafty finisher with outside touch and good footwork.
What are your goals for the season both indivudally and as a team?
Team: Make a state run, and be the best team we can be.
Individully: My individual goal is to be 1st Team All-League, and possibly League MVP.
How would you describe your coach?
Coach Keff is a smart coach. I have played under him for four years, and he knows the game of basketball so well, that I try to see what he sees before I ask him. He taught me a lot, and to always trust him.
Who is your favorite player?
Hakeem “the Dream” Olajuwon…the man was unstoppable as a player with great mid-range and footwork. If I can get his moves down, I don’t think I could be guarded.
Who is your toughest matchup of the season and why?
Eastside Catholic. JT is a great strong player, and physical. He can really wear you down. They also have Baker (another big) who is tough, plus other good players too.
What is your favorite gym in state to play in?
Chief Sealth, because I’ve played there since I was young. I went to a lot of the camps, and really like the rims and atmosphere.
What are your aspirations as a player?
I aspire to be the best player I can be without losing my focus on school. I want to work for NBA lifestyle, but also study for my degree.

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