Players Spotlight: Kaden Perry, Battle Ground High School

Scorebook Live’s Dan Dickau visits with Kaden Perry, sophomore at Battle Ground High School.

How would you describe your game?

I would say that my game is strongest around the rim, being able to spin or power through to the rim to get an easy lay in or hook shot.

What are your goals for this season both individually and as a team?

Goals for the season for our team are to make it to playoffs and prove something to all the other schools. Personal goals I have for the season are to get stronger and just get my name out there. I want teams to be talking about, “Oh, that Kaden Perry kid is good.”

How would you describe your coach?

Coach Melo feels like one of the boys on the team. Being able to joke around and he even gets in on some of the drills. He is hard working and wants the best for everyone on the team.

Who is your toughest individual matchup this season?

The toughest matchup of the season was probably against Puyallup and their 7 footer, simply because it was our first game of the season and I’ve never had to play against someone that tall.

What is your favorite gym in the state to play in?

I don’t really have a favorite gym to play, but playing at home is always fun!

What are your aspirations as a player for your career?

Aspirations as a player are to make it somewhere and be somebody.

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