Players Spotlight: Mia Hughes, Woodinville High School

Scorebook Live’s Freddie Rehkow visits with Mia Hughes, sophomore at Woodinville High School.

Describe your game

I like to run and play a fast paced game. I consider myself a multi-positional player who can play both inside and outside. I’ve always kind of played inside so I’m used to playing the post position, however I’ve been really working on my game to be outside as well. I’m not very tall, but with my strength and nose for finding the ball I can rebound well for my size and that often leads to scoring on the inside.

What are your goals for this season?
Team​: We just want to play as team every game. We want to be a close group on and off the court and just improve our overall teamwork. We definitely want to get back to the State Championship game, but definitely have a different outcome than last year. We also want to win the Kingco conference again.

Individually​: I’m just trying to tie my high school and AAU ball together more. I’m running the floor more, I’m improving my overall shooting, I’m working on being a better free throw shooter, and I just want to be a more well-rounded basketball player.

Describe your coach

Coach Bullock is just a good coach who knows his players. Coach is really good at preparing players to know how to play the game and allows us to play it and not be little robots out on the floor. He lets us just play and not focus on spots as much as playing the game as it comes. Overall he is just a fun guy and I love joking around with him every day.

Who is your favorite player?

My cousin Calvin Throckmorton who is currently playing with the University of Oregon football team. I just enjoy watching him play, whether it was high school basketball or now football at Oregon.

Who is your toughest matchup this season and why?

I’d say the toughest matchup this season will be Kentridge at the Showare Center on Martin Luther King Day. The reason this game will be tough is because of last year’s game when we beat them at state. We know they will be wanting to get us back and with both of our teams ranked high right now this will be a big game.

What is your favorite gym in the state to play in?

I’d say our own gym at Woodinville. I just really like our setting and having our home crowd fill the gym and cheering for us. I also like the Tacoma Dome because it’s a setting for state, but my favorite would be our high school gym.

What are your aspirations as a player?

I would like to play college ball, but my main focus right now since I’m young is to keep improving in both high school and AAU ball. I’m not sure where I’d like to go, but hopefully I’ll get a better idea in the next year.

What is your dream college?

I’m not really sure since I haven’t visited any schools, know any of the schools players, or looked into it much. I think it’d be cool to play at somewhere like Cal, UCLA, or even San Diego, all of those have a pretty cool setting.

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