All-state football 2021: Oregon’s top 6A stars

Here are the Class 6A all-state teams for the fall 2021 Oregon high school football season.

All-state teams are determined by a vote of the state’s coaches, compiled by the SBLive Oregon staff, and published jointly by SBLive Oregon and The Oregonian/OregonLive. Email with any questions, comments or corrections.


Offensive player of the year: Malik Ross, Tualatin

Defensive player of the year: Kaden Ludwick, Clackamas

Co-coaches of the year: Dave Heuberger, Roseburg; Dan Lever, Tualatin

Malik Ross photo by Dan Brood

First team offense

QB Jack Layne, Lake Oswego, senior

RB Gabe Olvera, Lake Oswego, senior

RB Malik Ross, Tualatin, senior

WR Darrius Clemons, Westview, senior

WR Jordan King, Central Catholic, senior

WR Justius Lowe, Lake Oswego, senior

TE Riley Williams, Central Catholic, junior

C Austin Leykam, Lake Oswego, senior

OL Garret Cappalonga, Central Catholic, senior

OL Kage Casey, Clackamas, senior

OL Lucas Edwards, Tualatin, senior

OL Sean Khouri, Jesuit, junior

K Soren McKee, Summit, senior

Second team offense

QB Cru Newman, Central Catholic, sophomore

RB Jordan Fisher, Westview, junior

RB Jake Reichle, Lakeridge, senior

RB Michael Rincon, Jesuit, senior

WR Cody Hall, Sherwood, senior

WR Mark Hamper, West Linn, junior

WR Cole Prusia, Tualatin, senior

TE Dylan Layne, Lake Oswego, senior

C Roice Cleeland, Jesuit, junior

OL Charlie Freadman, Tualatin, senior

OL Gavin McGuire, Lake Oswego, senior

OL Jake Rams, West Linn, senior

OL Sylus Wallace, Jesuit, junior

K Asher Wajskol, Central Catholic, senior

Honorable mention offense

QB Hiro Diamond, Liberty, senior

QB Jackson Jones, Tualatin, senior

QB Sam Leavitt, Westview, junior

QB Colton Marsters, Roseburg, senior

QB Brock Thomas, Sheldon, junior

RB Luke Ash, Clackamas, junior 

RB Ellis Bynum, Central Catholic, senior 

RB Royce Fasel, Glencoe, senior

RB Seth Glenn, Sherwood, senior

RB Brady Kopetz, Lincoln, senior

RB Jaden Poulshock, David Douglas, senior

RB Johnny Withers, West Salem, senior

WR Zach Dodson-Greene, West Salem, senior 

WR Bryce Dyer, North Medford, senior 

WR Cristian Gonzalez, Beaverton, senior

WR K.J. Johnson-Gibson, Clackamas, senior 

WR Logan Klopfenstein, Roseburg, senior 

WR Sam Murphy, Newberg, senior

WR Joey Olsen, Lakeridge, sophomore

WR Stryder Todd-Fields, Central Catholic, senior 

WR Miles Williams, Clackamas, senior

TE Richie Anderson, Tualatin, junior 

TE Luke Leighton, Sheldon, junior 

TE Spencer McKelligon, Jesuit, senior

TE AJ Pugliano, North Medford, sophomore 

TE Zack Schlottmann, Glencoe, senior

C Logan Chastain, Clackamas, senior

C Nathan Fillinger-Palotay, Sherwood, junior

C Noah Sykes, West Linn, senior

OL Ryan Berger, Liberty, junior

OL Tiger Black, Roseburg, junior

OL Bryce Cordell, Westview, senior

OL Jaiden Dunton, West Salem, senior

OL Camden Ferguson, Lakeridge, junior

OL David Fuiava, North Medford, junior

OL Trent Hodney, Sherwood, junior

OL Eric Mee, West Linn, senior

OL Bennett Raymond, Jesuit, senior

OL Hector Talavera, Newberg, senior

OL Will Taylo, Sunset, senior

K Dominic Borges, Tualatin, senior

K Gage Hurych, West Linn, sophomore

K Brandt Maiden, Clackamas, senior

K Sam Poole, Sheldon, senior

Kaden Ludwick photo by Leon Neuschwander

First team defense

DL Tiger Black, Roseburg, junior

DL Logan Chastain, Clackamas, senior

DL Myale Jones, Central Catholic, senior

DL Gavin McGuire, Lake Oswego, senior

DL Nui Tovey, Lakeridge, senior

LB Earl Ingle, West Linn, junior

LB Kaden Ludwick, Clackamas, senior

LB Johnny Miller, Jesuit, senior

LB Zac Waible, Lakeridge, senior

LB Emar’rion Winston, Central Catholic, senior

DB Drew Bennett, Westview, senior

DB Dylan Layne, Lake Oswego, senior

DB Cole Prusia, Tualatin, senior

DB Jordan Tawa, West Linn, senior

P Soren McKee, Summit, senior

Second team defense

DL Brandon Chin, Tualatin, senior

DL Spencer McKelligon, Jesuit, senior

DL Martin Trujillo, West Salem, senior

DL Max von Arx, Grant, senior

LB Jack Clemans, Summit, senior

LB Hudson Davis, Newberg, junior

LB Kellen Hale, Tualatin, senior

LB Jeremiah Matthews, Jefferson, senior

DB Zach Grisham, Central Catholic, senior

DB K.J. Johnson-Gibson, Clackamas, senior

DB Jordan King, Central Catholic, senior

DB Zachary Larson, Lakeridge, senior

P Charlie Evans, Newberg, senior

Honorable mention defense

DL Chip Allers, Summit, junior

DL Richie Anderson, Tualatin, junior

DL Robert Burns, Sandy, senior

DL Jake Holmes, West Linn, junior

DL Elijah Jackman, Tigard, senior

DL Kyle Kelley, Newberg, senior

DL Josh Merriman, Sheldon, junior

DL Noah Preuitt, Clackamas, senior

DL Zack Schlottmann, Glencoe, senior

DL Noah Staley, Jesuit, junior

LB Tyree Blake, Jesuit, senior

LB Andrew Collins, Barlow, senior

LB Royce Fasel, Glencoe, senior

LB Luke Leighton, Sheldon, junior

LB Calvin Macy, Lake Oswego, junior

LB Jayden Moses, Grant, junior

LB Garrett Speer, Jesuit, junior

LB Bowen Stinson, Mountainside, senior

LB Ben Winjum, West Linn, junior

DB Bjorn Bergstrom, Sherwood, senior

DB Jace Burton, Jesuit, sophomore

DB Mark Hamper, West Linn, junior

DB Ethan Jones, Liberty, senior

DB Gavin Korkeakoski, Newberg, senior

DB Keegan Line, Sheldon, senior

DB Gabe Olvera, Lake Oswego, senior

DB Jaden Poulshock, David Douglas, senior  

DB Jake Reichle, Lakeridge, senior

DB Malik Ross, Tualatin, senior

P Trevon Hamilton, Beaverton, senior

P Ryan Oliver, Lakeridge, junior

P Leithan Thompson, Sandy, junior


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