Mid-Willamette Conference volleyball 2021: All-league teams, coach and player of the year

Mid-Willamette Conference volleyball all-league selections and individual awards for the 2021 fall season, as determined by a vote of the league’s coaches


Hailey Heider, West Albany


Kate O’Connor, Silverton


OH Hailey Heider, West Albany, senior

OH Kaitlyn VanWell, Dallas, senior

OH Bella Jacobson, Crescent Valley, freshman

OPP/RSH Tessa Zimmerman, West Albany, junior

MH Gracie Boeder, West Albany, senior

MH Olivia Rosborough, Silverton, junior

S Alexis Haury, Silverton, sophomore

S Sydney Harrington, West Albany, senior

L Ava Makua, Lebanon, sophomore

DS Julieta Alarcon, Central, senior


OH Brooke Rogers, West Albany, senior

OH Samantha Scott, South Albany, junior

OPP/RSH Felicity Fergus, Silverton, senior

MH Grace Nealy, West Albany, senior

MH Taelyn Bentley, Crescent Valley, freshman

S Madison Heagney, Crescent Valley, senior

S Brooke Willard, South Albany, junior

L Maddy Hellem, West Albany, senior

DS Karsen Angel, South Albany, junior


OH Sophia Terwilliger, Crescent Valley, junior

OH Olivia Hale, Dallas, junior

OH Mahala McCrae, North Salem, sophomore

OPP/RSH Tayler Westfall, Silverton, junior

MH Hannah Callaway, Dallas, junior

MH Ella Smith, Corvallis, junior

MH Rowan Reilly, Silverton, junior

MH Norah De Young, South Albany, junior

MH Leah Mattson, Crescent Valley, junior

MH Maddy Strauss, Dallas, senior

MH Trinity Holden, Lebanon, senior

MH Lizzy Floro, South Albany, junior

MH Jackie Bier, North Salem, sophomore

S Kamden Mitchell, Crescent Valley, freshman

S Grace Hannan, Dallas, sophomore

S Reina Wetzel, Corvallis, senior

S Jannah Jimienez, Lebanon, sophomore

S Marbella Garcia, North Salem, senior

S Alivia Holden, Lebanon, junior

L Lilly Horner, Silverton, senior

L Kara Paterson, Crescent Valley, senior

L Jordyn Wynia, Dallas, senior

L Kalia Baker, Central, senior

L Jackie Arevalo, Corvallis, senior

L Yosi Garibay, North Salem, senior

DS Paige Candee, Silverton, senior

DS Sofia Alzugaray-Orellana, Corvallis, senior


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