Northwest Oregon Conference girls soccer 2021: All-league teams, coach and player of the year

Northwest Oregon Conference girls soccer all-league selections and individual awards for the 2021 fall season, as determined by a vote of the league’s coaches


Lindsey Antonson, Wilsonville


Andrew Frazier, La Salle Prep


F Lindsey Antonson, Wilsonville, senior

F Kenley Whittaker, Wilsonville, sophomore

F Natalie Pfleger, La Salle Prep, senior

M Emelia Warta, La Salle Prep, junior

M Karina Borgen, Wilsonville, senior

M Margaret Shively, Hillsboro, senior

M Maia Gutmann, La Salle Prep, junior

M Alice Davidson, Scappoose, sophomore

D Dalton Mermis, Wilsonville, senior

D Kate Collins, La Salle Prep, senior

D Lily Martinez, Putnam, sophomore

D Katelyn McDougal, Wilsonville, senior

GK Hailey Patlan, Putnam, sophomore


F Kiera Fagan, Scappoose, senior

F Emma Gingrich, Putnam, senior

F Brianna Crane, Wilsonville, sophomore

M Aliyah Huynh, Putnam, sophomore

M Jenna Weiss, Wilsonville, senior

M Sydney Spotts, La Salle Prep, sophomore

M Ariana Barney, Putnam, sophomore

M Diana Correa, Hillsboro, freshman

D Sydney Hanke, Scappoose, senior

D Gretchen Shea, La Salle Prep, senior

D Braxtyn Ellsworth, Hillsboro, freshman

D Gwen Daoust, St. Helens, senior

GK Maddie Erickson, Wilsonville, senior


F Alli Aldinger, Milwaukie, freshman

F Haley Holbrook, Parkrose, junior

F Ciara Sullivan, Putnam, junior

F Hannah Hayduk, St. Helens, senior

F Audrey Leos, Hillsboro, junior

F Adison Stoddard, Scappoose, junior

F Ashley Martin, Putnam, senior

F Tatum Boogman, Scappoose, senior

M Savanah Pennington, Parkrose, freshman

M Karly Murray, Scappoose, senior

M Emmah Durant, St. Helens, senior

M Calee Barss, Hillsboro, junior

M Mai Arts, Putnam, senior

M Keely Merten, Putnam, freshman

M Dayla Chapman, Milwaukie, junior

M Laura Ostapenko, Milwaukie, junior

M Gloria Alvarez, Parkrose, senior

M Annika Jenson, Wilsonville, senior

M Jessica Ross, Parkrose, senior

M Vanessa Cuevas, Milwaukie, senior

D Ruby Oakes, Milwaukie, senior

D Nataly Noda, Parkrose, sophomore

D Alys Meyer, Milwaukie, sophomore

D Emma Buchanan, La Salle Prep, junior

D Abbie Reddick, La Salle Prep, senior

D Jezarel Ortiz, St. Helens, freshman

D Amalia Rahf, Hillsboro, junior

D Cassandra Wedin, Wilsonville, junior

D Mai Arts, Putnam, senior

D Natalia Freimuth, Hillsboro, sophomore

GK Hannah Reddick, La Salle Prep, senior

GK Andrea Marin, Hillsboro, senior

GK Maddie Davis, Milwaukie, freshman

GK Gabrielle Hanke, Scappoose, junior


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