A 53-man ‘NFL roster’ of current Oregon high school football players

By René Ferrán

Last month, we took a position-by-position look at some of the top players in Oregon high school football. 

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Here, we decided to take a look at what an “NFL roster” of current Oregon high school players might look like. 

We did our final cutdown from a 90-man training camp roster to the final 53, and we even included a 16-man practice squad for players who just missed making the final roster. Those 16 will be listed among the final cuts at each position. 

One luxury we have in selecting our 53-man roster is that high school players often go both ways, giving us flexibility and depth that NFL teams typically don’t enjoy. For them, special teams ability is the asset that might keep a tweener on a roster; for us, standout two-way players who provide roster flexibility are crucial. Also, like NFL teams, we have extra linebackers and defensive backs who will find the field on kick coverage units.

We invite comments as to which players would make your final roster — but remember, if you want to add someone off waivers, you have to cut a player to make room!

Photo by Ben Ludeman

Quarterbacks (3) — Dom Montiel, Sr., Marshfield; Jordan McCarty, Sr., Silverton; Cru Newman, So., Central Catholic 

Such a wealth of talent to choose from. Montiel is No. 18 on the state’s career passing list with 6,634 yards, with FCS schools starting to take interest. McCarty is a three-year starter and a winner in multiple sports (23-5 in his football career) and has more than 3,200 yards of total offense for a Foxes team that is in the 5A semifinals — the perfect credentials for a No. 2 quarterback. Like many NFL teams, our third quarterback is a developmental selection, someone we hope will blossom by the time he’s a senior — although Newman is already having a breakthrough sophomore season for the Rams. 

Final cuts: Sam Leavitt, Jr., Westview; Brock Thomas, Jr., Sheldon; Jack Layne, Sr., Lake Oswego; Brian Mannion, Sr., Mountainside; Jackson Jones, Sr., Tualatin 

Running backs (4) — Jordan Fisher, Jr., Westview; Jake Reichle, Sr., Lakeridge; Malik Ross, Sr., Tualatin; Lucas Tuski, Sr., Marist Catholic 

Not only do we have four workhorses for our backfield, but three of them also can provide depth for our defense. Reichle and Ross could easily start in our secondary, while Tuski is a standout linebacker for the 4A semifinalist Spartans.

Final cuts: Gabe Olvera, Sr., Lake Oswego; Luke Ash, Jr., Clackamas; Michael Rincon, Sr., Jesuit 

Wide receivers (6) — Darrius Clemons, Sr., Westview; Vandon Fessler, Sr., Silverton; Mark Hamper, Jr., West Linn; Jordan King, Sr., Central Catholic; Justius Lowe, Sr., Lake Oswego; Cole Prusia, Sr., Tualatin

Another group with plenty of two-way potential, but for now, we’ll send Clemons and Lowe on deep routes, while Hamper and Fessler will do the dirty work in the middle of the field. King and Prusia? Just two of the most dynamic receivers in the state.

Final cuts: Cody Hall, Sr., Sherwood; Joey Olsen, So., Lakeridge; Braydon Thornton, Sr., Siuslaw; Miles Williams, Sr., Clackamas; Kennan Speer-Johnson, Sr., Mountainside; Cristian Gonzalez, Sr., Beaverton 

Tight ends (3) — Jacob Newell, Sr., Thurston; Charlie White, Sr., Banks; Riley Williams, Jr., Central Catholic 

In Newell and Williams, we have two of the top tight end prospects on the West Coast, with Newell headed to the Pac-12 (Arizona State) and Williams having his pick of where he’ll end up after next season. White might be an unknown to many fans, but he has flypaper for hands and was a big-play weapon in the Banks offense.

Final cuts: AJ Pugliano, So., North Medford; Zack Schlottmann, Sr., Glencoe 

Offensive linemen (9) — Kage Casey, Sr., Clackamas; Roice Cleeland, Jr., Jesuit; Lucas Edwards, Sr., Tualatin; Austin Leykam, Sr., Lake Oswego; Eric Mee, Sr., West Linn; Dominic Nacoste, Jr., Estacada; Jake Rams, Sr., West Linn; Jacob Strand, Sr., Canby; Brycen Thomas, Sr., Churchill 

A good mix of road graders and pass protectors, with Cleeland and Leykam anchoring the interior at center. Mee is a lock as one of our starting guards, and we’re confident that one of the trio of Edwards, Casey and Strand — all of whom project as offensive tackles in college — can move inside with this unit. If not, Thomas has shown the versatility to play anywhere on the line and could fill the final starting spot.

Final cuts: Orie Schaffers, Sr., Silverton; Sean Khouri, Jr., Jesuit; Devin Gotchall, Sr., Estacada; Aiden Johnson, Sr., Tillamook 

Defensive linemen (7) — Richie Anderson, Jr., Tualatin; Tiger Black, Jr., Roseburg; Logan Chastain, Sr., Clackamas; Jimmy Jordahl, Sr., Crater; Gavin McGuire, Sr., Lake Oswego; Braden Rhode, Sr., Churchill; Nui Tovey, Sr., Lakeridge 

Because of the depth of our linebacking corps, we’ll play a 3-4 scheme, with Chastain and Black the perfect run-plugging interior linemen and five ends we can rotate to get after the quarterback.

Final cuts: Myale Jones, Sr., Central Catholic; Josh Buller, Sr., Thurston; Max von Arx, Sr., Grant 

Linebackers (10) — Jack Clemans, Sr., Summit; Royce Fasel, Sr., Glencoe; Kellen Hale, Sr., Tualatin; Earl Ingle, Jr., West Linn; Kyle Liscom, Sr., Pendleton; Kaden Ludwick, Sr., Clackamas; Johnny Miller, Sr., Jesuit; Zac Waible, Sr., Lakeridge; Ezra Waterman, Sr., Marshfield; Emar’rion Winston, Sr., Central Catholic

Linebacker might be the deepest position on our roster, and we had to make some difficult decisions to cut this list to 10 players. Fortunately, we can load up our practice squad with several players who just missed the cut. We also get plenty of positional flexibility with this group, as well as players who will be deadly on special teams.

Final cuts: Hudson Davis, Jr., Newberg; Seth Glenn, Sr., Sherwood; Vaun Halstead, Jr., Thurston; Brycen Indell, Sr., Thurston; Jayden Moses, Jr., Grant; Aiden Timbo, Sr., Sunset; Zeke Viuhkola, Sr., West Linn; Tyree Blake, Sr., Jesuit 

Defensive backs (8) — Drew Bennett, Sr., Westview; Jace Burton, So., Jesuit; DeMarcus Houston, Jr., West Albany; Jack Johnson, Sr., Wilsonville; KJ Johnson-Gibson, Sr., Clackamas; Dylan Layne, Sr., Lake Oswego; Drew Rodriguez, Jr., Sprague; Trejon Williams, Sr., Jefferson  

We have plenty of ballhawks in our secondary, with Bennett, Rodriguez and Layne among the 6A leaders in interceptions this season. Johnson-Gibson and Burton give us two cornerbacks who can play press coverage. We also have several two-way players who will provide depth to the receiving corps. 

Final cuts: Jordy Tawa, Sr., West Linn; Zane Aicher, Sr., McNary; Jamar Flippen, Sr., Banks 

Placekicker (1) — Soren McKee, Sr., Summit

McKee, who also started in goal for Summit’s 6A state champion soccer team, hit on 7 of 8 field goal attempts during the regular season for the Storm and added another in their second-round playoff win over Roseburg. Chris Sailer Kicking rates him a five-star recruit who could kick at the FBS level as a freshman. 

Final cut: Gavin Levesque, Sr., Thurston

Punter (1) — Carter Steeves, Sr., Corvallis

Steeves averaged 41.2 yards per punt for the Spartans, with a long of 59 yards and placing six inside the 20-yard line. As Corvallis’ starting quarterback, he also provides us the threat of a fake punt. 

Final cut: Charlie Evans, Sr., Newberg 

Long snapper (1) — Luca Rodarte, Sr., Central Catholic

Rodarte ranks No. 21 in the nation among long snapping prospects, according to Rubio Long Snapping, with offers from Division II Saginaw Valley State in Michigan and, closer to home, Puget Sound and Pacific.

Final cut: Dane Sorensen, Jr., Oregon City 


Projected starters in bold


Jordan McCarty, Sr., Silverton 

Dom Montiel, Sr., Marshfield

Cru Newman, So., Central Catholic

Running backs

Jordan Fisher, Jr., Westview

Jake Reichle, Sr., Lakeridge

Malik Ross, Sr., Tualatin

Lucas Tuski, Sr., Marist Catholic

Wide receivers

Darrius Clemons, Sr., Westview

Vandon Fessler, Sr., Silverton

Mark Hamper, Jr., West Linn

Jordan King, Sr., Central Catholic

Justius Lowe, Sr., Lake Oswego

Cole Prusia, Sr., Tualatin 

Tight ends

Jacob Newell, Sr., Thurston

Charlie White, Sr., Banks

Riley Williams, Jr., Central Catholic 

Offensive linemen

Kage Casey, Sr., Clackamas

Roice Cleeland, Jr., Jesuit

Lucas Edwards, Sr., Tualatin

Austin Leykam, Sr., Lake Oswego

Eric Mee, Sr., West Linn

Dominic Nacoste, Jr., Estacada

Jake Rams, Sr., West Linn

Jacob Strand, Sr., Canby

Brycen Thomas, Sr., Churchill 

Defensive linemen

Richie Anderson, Jr., Tualatin

Tiger Black, Jr., Roseburg

Logan Chastain, Sr., Clackamas

Jimmy Jordahl, Sr., Crater

Gavin McGuire, Sr., Lake Oswego

Braden Rhode, Sr., Churchill

Nui Tovey, Sr., Lakeridge 


Jack Clemans, Sr., Summit

Royce Fasel, Sr., Glencoe

Kellen Hale, Sr., Tualatin

Earl Ingle, Jr., West Linn

Kyle Liscom, Sr., Pendleton

Kaden Ludwick, Sr., Clackamas

Johnny Miller, Sr., Jesuit

Zac Waible, Sr., Lakeridge

Ezra Waterman, Sr., Marshfield

Emar’rion Winston, Sr., Central Catholic 

Defensive backs

Drew Bennett, Sr., Westview

Jace Burton, So., Jesuit

DeMarcus Houston, Jr., West Albany

Jack Johnson, Sr., Wilsonville

KJ Johnson-Gibson, Sr., Clackamas

Dylan Layne, Sr., Lake Oswego

Drew Rodriguez, Jr., Sprague

Trejon Williams, Sr., Jefferson 


Soren McKee, Sr., Summit


Carter Steeves, Sr., Corvallis

Long snapper

Luca Rodarte, Sr., Central Catholic 


LB Hudson Davis, Jr., Newberg

RB/LB Seth Glenn, Sr., Sherwood

WR/DB Cody Hall, Sr., Sherwood

LB Vaun Halstead, Jr., Thurston

RB/LB Bryce Indell, Sr., Thurston

OL/DL Myale Jones, Sr., Central Catholic

OL Sean Khouri, Jr., Jesuit

QB Sam Leavitt, Jr., Westview

LB Jayden Moses, Jr., Grant

WR Joey Olsen, So., Lakeridge

RB Gabe Olvera, Jr., Lake Oswego

OL Orie Schaffers, Sr., Silverton

DB Jordy Tawa, Sr., West Linn

QB Brock Thomas, Jr., Sheldon

WR/DB Braydon Thornton, Sr., Siuslaw

WR/DB Miles Williams, Sr., Clackamas

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