4A Oregon high school football statistical leaders through Week 1

Class 4A football statistical leaders through Week 1, based on information provided by coaches and statisticians.

Leaders will be updated throughout the season. Please send game-by-game stats to jd@scorebooklive.com. Is your team missing? Encourage your coach to respond to requests for stats.

Dom Montiel (Marshfield) photo by Taylor Balkom

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Week 1 football recap:

Friday | Saturday

Passing yards

Dom Montiel, Marshfield 20-29-268

Cooper Gobel, Banks 20-24-267

Joe Laing, Marist Catholic 12-19-246

A.J. Anderson, North Eugene 12-19-181

Kaden Harris, Milwaukie 15-32-168

Jacob Hage, Cascade 9-17-165

Isaac Thomas Klementis, Molalla 8-12-121

Nate Vidlak, Hidden Valley 9-14-145

Tristan Lee, Mazama 6-8-114

Ruben Hernandez, Ontario 8-16-113

Aiden Tyler, Sweet Home 11-30-112

Passing touchdowns

Cooper Gobel, Banks 5 (0 interceptions)

Dom Montiel, Marshfield 3 (2 interceptions)

Nate Vidlak, Hidden Valley 3 (0 interceptions)

Tristan Lee, Mazama 2 (0 interceptions)

Rushing yards

Lucas Tuski, Marist Catholic 23-152

Andrew Teubner, Seaside 13-113

Daniel Yancey, Mazama 20-111

Jamar Flippen, Banks 14-101

Reef Berry, Marshfield 8-95

Tobias Powers, Hidden Valley 8-95

Colby Anderson, Mazama 7-94

Zeke Heaton, Mazama 14-93

Cade Gaskey, Sweet Home 21-88

Gauge Bloomer, Baker 13-80

Aedyn Cook, Seaside 7-79

Blake Lewis, Cascade 4-72

Miguel Velazquez, Marshfield 12-69

Daniel Iwamizu, Hidden Valley 4-59

Angel Jimenez, Madras 12-59

Rushing touchdowns

Lucas Tuski, Marist Catholic 4

Andrew Teubner, Seaside 3

Aedyn Cook, Seaside 2

Jamar Flippen, Banks 2

Miguel Velazquez, Marshfield 2

Nate Vidlak, Hidden Valley 2

Receiving yards

Dylan Coughran, North Eugene 8-139

Charlie White, Banks 7-119

Jeremiah Noga, Hidden Valley 5-96

Marcos Grigalva, Ontario 5-92

Cole Brosterhous, Mazama 5-91

Sean Lachapelle, Milwaukie 5-85

DJ Daugherty, Marshfield 7-80

Isaac Schnepp, Cascade 4-79

Dylan Martin, Marist Catholic 5-77

Jack Walker, Banks 7-67

Noah Niblett, Marshfield 4-61

Cole Baxter, Sweet Home 5-60

Brody Thomson, Milwaukie 4-58

Receiving touchdowns

Jeremiah Noga, Hidden Valley 3

Cole Brosterhous, Mazama 2

DJ Daugherty, Marshfield 2

Cam Louie, Banks 2

Charlie White, Banks 2


Cole Plum-Kazmierczak, North Eugene 16

Zane Garvey, Milwaukie 15

Sean Lachapelle, Milwaukie 14

Ezra Waterman, Marshfield 11

Toby Johnston, Marshfield 9

Jamar Flippen, Banks 8

Lawson Talamantez, Seaside 8

Brody Thomson, Milwaukie 8

Miguel Velazquez, Marshfield 8

Kadin Bolanos, Mazama 7

Aaron Hutchinson, Marshfield 7

Trevor Sharrar, Hidden Valley 7

Nolan Wyers, North Eugene 7

Tackles for loss

Zane Garvey, Milwaukie 4

Ezra Waterman, Marshfield 2.5

Tanner Kraushaar, Seaside 2

Christian Lyda, Banks 2

Isaac Schnepp, Cascade 2

Lawson Talamantez, Seaside 2

Brody Thomson, Milwaukie 2

Aaron Hutchinson, Marshfield 1.5


Aaron Brown, Banks 1

Peter Collins, Marist Catholic 1

Larenzo Dukes, Milwaukie 1

Zane Garvey, Milwaukie 1

Zeke Heaton, Mazama 1

Eliott King, Banks 1

Isaac Schnepp, Cascade 1

Lawson Talamantez, Seaside 1


DJ Daugherty, Marshfield 2

Lucas Patterson, Marist Catholic 2

Jake Cooper, Milwaukie 1

Jamar Flippen, Banks 1

Ruben Hernandez, Ontario 1

Tanner Kraushaar, Seaside 1

Sean Lachapelle, Milwaukie 1

Maddux Mateski, Marshfield 1

Eryk Mayes, Mazama 1

Noah Niblett, Marshfield 1

Sean O’Neil, Milwaukie 1

Brody Thomson, Milwaukie 1

Jack Walker, Banks 1

Nolan Wyers, North Eugene 1

Our complete high school football preview:

Breaking down every 6A, 5A, 4A team in the state

Week 1 football recap:

Friday | Saturday

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