Richland Rangers
Richland Rangers
Freshman Girls Volleyball
1-0 Overall • 0-0 League

Richland Girls Volleyball Roster

#PlayersPos 1Pos 2YearHeightWeight
4Laila SmithLaila Smith-5' 7"120 lbs
8Bella SmallwoodBella Smallwood-4' 7"77 lbs
8Mc Kinley StantonMc Kinley StantonFr.5' 3"127 lbs
12Belen Valadez Sánchez Belen Valadez Sánchez 8t.5' 0"114 lbs
13Presleigh ClarkPresleigh ClarkFr.5' 5"140 lbs
15Braylynn  DauzatBraylynn Dauzat-5' 3"92 lbs
21Camila Valadez Sánchez Camila Valadez Sánchez Fr.5' 0"111 lbs
22Elizabeth LiasElizabeth LiasFr.140' 0"5 lbs
34Madelaine MosquedaMadelaine Mosqueda8t.5' 0"113 lbs


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