West Lauderdale Knights
West Lauderdale Knights
Varsity Girls Volleyball
25-17 Overall • 1-5 League

West Lauderdale Girls Volleyball Roster

#PlayersPos 1Pos 2YearHeightWeight
3Lila  WhittingtonLila WhittingtonFr.5' 7"
5Allie PartenAllie PartenFr.5' 8"160 lbs
6Laney  OdomLaney OdomSr.5' 7"
8Kalie  MillerKalie MillerSo.5' 7"
8Kalie  MillerKalie MillerSo.5' 7"
9Elizabeth BaileyElizabeth BaileyOHFr.5' 6"
10Olivia MilesOlivia MilesOHSo.5' 8"
12Kennedy ParkerKennedy ParkerMHSo.5' 6"
12Lilly Grace  HendersonLilly Grace HendersonMHJr.6' 1"
13Gracie  JoynerGracie JoynerFr.5' 4"
14Ansley  GeeseyAnsley GeeseySo.5' 9"
15Hailey  DuqueHailey DuqueSr.5' 9"
16Allison McCoyAllison McCoySr.5' 6"
17Marley  Epting Marley Epting So.5' 3"
18Lily WoodallLily WoodallDSSo.5' 4"
19Laynee ToddLaynee ToddMHJr.5' 10"
21Taylor Mackenzie RussellTaylor Mackenzie RussellFr.5' 5"
22 Kennedy HicksKennedy HicksDSSo.5' 5"
23Lillian  Simpson Lillian Simpson MHSr.5' 9"
24Lila  ButlerLila ButlerFr.5' 8"
27Madelyn  SimpsonMadelyn SimpsonSo.5' 6"
28Dericka  Smith Dericka Smith MHFr.5' 7"
36Harley  ReidHarley ReidSr.5' 6"
38Maddie Kate  Bunyard Maddie Kate Bunyard OHJr.5' 8"


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