Northeast Jones Tigers
Northeast Jones Tigers
Junior Varsity Boys Soccer
0-2-1 Overall • 0-0 League

Northeast Jones Boys Soccer Roster

#PlayersPos 1Pos 2YearHeightWeight
4Caleb  McGruder Caleb McGruder 8t.5' 9"157 lbs
6Wyatt GriffinWyatt GriffinFr.5' 7"147 lbs
7Kannon JohnsonKannon Johnson-5' 2"115 lbs
13Ethan  MullensEthan Mullens8t.5' 6"135 lbs
15Brayden TaylorBrayden TaylorG8t.5' 5"145 lbs
16Edwin MendezEdwin MendezMid8t.5' 6"122 lbs
19Samuel UpchurchSamuel Upchurch-5' 4"92 lbs
20Jaxon JensenJaxon Jensen-5' 1"90 lbs
21Tristin Smith Tristin Smith MidSo.5' 8"118 lbs
22Jonathan  Ramirez Jonathan Ramirez Mid8t.5' 9"152 lbs
26Aldridge Walters WaltersAldridge Walters WaltersMid-5' 5"100 lbs
30Claudio GascaClaudio GascaSo.5' 6"156 lbs
31Jose  Cortes Jose Cortes So.5' 8"190 lbs
32zayne doironzayne doiron-5' 7"120 lbs
33Geremmi  Ochoa-Pena Geremmi Ochoa-Pena MidFr.5' 9"164 lbs
34Jose Angel HernandezJose Angel Hernandez-4' 11"114 lbs
45Luke BrownleeLuke Brownlee-5' 7"125 lbs
55Austin LewisAustin LewisMid-5' 4"115 lbs


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