Leland Cubs
Leland Cubs
Varsity Football
0-10 Overall • 0-6 League

Leland Football Roster

#PlayersPos 1Pos 2YearHeightWeight
1Troy LoweTroy LoweRBLBSo.5' 10"175 lbs
2Trevion BernardTrevion BernardDBJr.6' 0"165 lbs
3JaMarcus MotenJaMarcus MotenLBSr.5' 9"170 lbs
4Craig BrownCraig BrownLBSr.5' 11"190 lbs
5Marchez BoykinsMarchez BoykinsQBDBSr.6' 1"180 lbs
6Horactio Clark jrHoractio Clark jrQBSo.6' 1"170 lbs
7Nick AllenNick AllenFr.5' 10"180 lbs
8Demarius MitchellDemarius MitchellRBDBSo.5' 9"160 lbs
12Martavion CaryMartavion CaryDBSo.5' 6"130 lbs
16Javeon KingJaveon KingDEJr.6' 0"210 lbs
18Delvin LattimoreDelvin LattimoreDBFr.5' 6"130 lbs
18tyshun fultstyshun fultsOLBSo.5' 10"165 lbs
20Jaquavion JonesJaquavion JonesDBSo.6' 3"135 lbs
32Jordan PamJordan PamLBFr.5' 10"160 lbs
32Jadarius CaldwellJadarius CaldwellWRSo.6' 0"150 lbs
33Slyvester  RossSlyvester RossFr.5' 0"130 lbs
44Jaydon LimbaughJaydon LimbaughWRFr.5' 8"120 lbs
50Ketrick  HolmesKetrick HolmesOLDTSo.6' 0"275 lbs
51Jeremy JacksonJeremy JacksonOLDTJr.6' 2"245 lbs
52Brian ThomasBrian ThomasDTJr.5' 9"200 lbs
54Adrain WalkerAdrain WalkerOLFr.6' 0"190 lbs
56Zyaire JacksonZyaire JacksonOLDTFr.5' 10"230 lbs
60Josh BettsJosh BettsSo.5' 8"200 lbs
61Brian JohnsonBrian JohnsonLBFr.5' 7"150 lbs


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