Let Them Play CA to hold letter writing campaign pushing for return of high school sports

Let Them Play CA, an organization of parents, coaches and student athletes working to bring back youth sports in California, will hold a letter writing campaign on Thursday, according to San Mateo Serra head football coach Patrick Walsh.

“Letters will be addressed to (Gov.) Newsom and we’re going to hand deliver them on Thursday,” Walsh said in a text.

Teachers, coaches and athletic staff members at some schools across the state as well as student athletes and parents will write to Newsom in an effort to bring back all high school sports as soon as possible.

California currently has a COVID-19 cases tier system which determines when sports will return. The vast majority of counties are in the widespread purple tier. Football can return in the orange tier. There is a fear there won’t be a high school football season this spring if the tier system stays in place and counties have to move from purple to red to orange in order to play.

Here are the metrics currently required to move tiers:

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