Expect more clarity on California high school sports start dates in early January

With the 2020-21 California high school sports season currently on hold, it looks like players, coaches and fans will have more clarity on season start dates in early January.

California Interscholastic Federation Executive Director Ron Nocetti met with the CIF Section Commissioners on Tuesday to discuss the updated youth sports guidelines from the California Department of Public Health that came out Monday evening. The CDPH guidelines placed a hold on all competitions until Jan. 25 at the earliest.

“We met with our Sections to go over the updated guidance,” Nocetti said. “Now our Sections need time to look at the guidance and put information out to their member schools and have discussions with their leadership.”

The guidance from the CDPH will be reassessed on Jan. 4, so don’t expect any definitive sports calendar changes from Sections before that date, according to Nocetti.

In early January, Sections may end up releasing updated athletic calendars that differ from one another, based on the positive COVID-19 case rates in their counties.

“Those are conversations that Sections need to have with their leadership,” Nocetti said.

While Section calendars may differ, don’t expect any Section to begin football in the spring.

“We’ve already said that we don’t envision football going past mid-April because our sports medicine committee told us that we could conduct our season into April and still have time for the kids to start again in the fall,” Nocetti said. “I do not anticipate any Sections moving their seasons to have football in May and June.”

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