Conditioning workouts for LAUSD high school athletics will begin Monday, Nov. 9, according to a release from LAUSD superintendent Austin Beutner.

“Whether it’s helping a student build a foundation in literacy and math or helping an athlete build conditioning to participate in sports, we are working to address their unique learning needs and interests, while protecting the health and safety of all in the school community,” Beutner said.

All students and staff who participate in the conditioning will be tested for COVID-19 before they start the program. 

LAUSD released a tentative plan for the conditioning workouts in October that included additional safety protocols. Only 10% of a school’s total enrollment will be allowed at one time for workouts on school facilities, but all athletes will be allowed to condition. That period is not solely for fall sport athletes.

Coaches will not be paid for conducting the conditioning workouts.

“It’s a volunteer and optional thing,” LAUSD Director of Athletics Trent Cornelius said. “They don’t have to do it.”

Multi-sport athletes will not be able to condition with multiple teams during the conditioning period in order to keep the workout groups consistent. Athletes will only be able to work out in their usual groups of five to 10. Athletes are allowed to play multiple sports in the same season when the athletic seasons officially begin.

Fall sports were supposed to officially begin with practices on Dec. 14, but Beutner told district personnel at a district meeting on Friday that athletics won’t start as previously planned on that date.

That announcement makes playing football games on Jan. 8, the date games are scheduled to begin in the LA City Section, highly unlikely.

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