Bishop Alemany High School suspends football conditioning for 21 days following unauthorized clinic

Bishop Alemany High School has suspended high school football conditioning for 21 days following an unauthorized clinic that took place on the school’s football field, according to a statement from Bishop Alemany High School President William Hambleton. The Los Angeles Times first reported the suspension.

Players from Alemany as well as other schools in the region attended the clinic on Saturday.

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In a statement released to SBLive, Hambleton said: “It has come to the attention of our school’s administration that a third-party group held a football clinic, involving both Alemany students and students from other schools, at the Bishop Alemany football field this past Saturday. The clinic was organized without appropriate permission from our school’s administration.

“Our school has policies and procedures for organizing athletic training and conditioning activities, which were not followed. Out of an abundance of caution, we will suspend football physical conditioning and skill building for a period of 21 days. Additionally, the school is conducting an internal investigation into the matter.”

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