Mater Dei vs. St. John Bosco game will feature at least 50 Division I college football prospects

There’s always excitement when number one takes on number two, but Friday’s Mater Dei vs. St. John Bosco football game will be highly anticipated for another reason: the shear amount of talent on the field.

This is the first time in the modern recruiting coverage era (1999) that the number one quarterback in a recruiting class will play the number two QB in a game. That’s what we’ll get when St. John Bosco’s DJ Uiagalelei takes the field against Mater Dei’s Bryce Young.

There are Division 1 athletes all over the field as well, in addition to the quarterbacks. It’s a competitive all-star game. Take a look at the long list of future college players below, which numbers exactly 50. The scholarship offer lists are courtesy of and the list is in alphabetical order by class.


St. John Bosco OL Logan Bednar – Harvard

St. John Bosco LB AJ Gatto – Nevada

St. John Bosco WR Kris Hutson – Oregon

Drake Metcalf, Kris Hutson and Kobe Pepe

St. John Bosco RB Nathaniel Jones – UCLA

St. John Bosco DT Noa Masui – UC Davis

St. John Bosco OL Drake Metcalf – Stanford

Mater Dei OL Myles Murao – Washington

St. John Bosco S Jake Newman – UCLA

St. John Bosco DL Kobe Pepe – USC

St. John Bosco CB James Smith – Washington

St. John Bosco QB DJ Uiagalelei – Clemson

Mater Dei LB Nate White – Pennsylvania

St. John Bosco LB Kourt Williams – Ohio State

DJ Uiagalelei and Kourt Williams

Mater Dei QB Bryce Young – Alabama

Bryce Young, Mater Dei quarterback


St. John Bosco CB Josh Alford – Rutgers and Howard offers

Mater Dei WR Kody Epps – Six offers

Mater Dei LB Kobah Fuamatu – Nine offers

St. John Bosco DE Matthew Jordan – Five offers

Mater Dei OL Kamuta Levasa – Morgan State offer

Mater Dei LB Ray Leutele – Northern Arizona offer

St. John Bosco WR Logan Loya – 13 offers

Mater Dei OL Tai Marks – Six offers

Mater Dei LB Dean Neeley – San Diego offer

St. John Bosco DT Zeke Nomaaea – Northern Arizona offer

Mater Dei DT Martin Salazar – Portland State offer

Mater Dei DT Sefita Tupe – Oregon State offer

Mater Dei C Andrew Ueli-Faatoalia – Five offers

St. John Bosco LB/S Jonathan Vaughns – Five offers

St. John Bosco OL/DL РCh̩ Womack Jr. РValparaiso offer


St. John Bosco LB Ma’a Gaoteote – USC


St. John Bosco WR Beaux Collins – 27 offers

Mater Dei CB Jaylin Davies – 16 offers

Mater Dei LB Raesjon Davis – 19 offers

Mater Dei WR Cristian Dixon – 18 offers

St. John Bosco OL Maximus Gibbs – Seven offers

Metcalf and Gibbs (right)

St. John Bosco WR Jode McDuffie – Arizona State and Oregon offers

Mater Dei C George Miki-Han – Boston College, Bowling Green and Morgan State offers

Mater Dei WR Kyron Ware-Hudson – Nine offers

Mater Dei DE Tyler Narayan – Navy offer

St. John Bosco CB Dillon Towles-Kendle – BYU offer

Mater Dei RB Marceese Yetts – BYU, Howard and Syracuse offers


Mater Dei LB David Bailey – LSU offer

St. John Bosco RB Jabari Bates – Nevada offer

St. John Bosco CB Tayvion Beasley – BYU, Oregon, USC offers

St. John Bosco OL Earnest Greene – 12 offers

Mater Dei CB Joshua Hunter – LSU and Oregon offers

Hunter (left)

Mater Dei CB Domani Jackson- 23 offers

St. John Bosco RB Rayshon Luke – Duke, Georgia, Illinois offers

Mater Dei WR CJ Williams – Nine offers


St. John Bosco TE/DL Matayo Uiagalelei – LSU, Oregon, USC offers

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