Week 8 San Diego Section high school football predictions: Oceanside or Carlsbad?

Scorebook Live reporter Bodie DeSilva makes his picks for Week 8 (Oct. 11, 2019) San Diego Section high school football games. All rankings are based on the latest San Diego Section media poll.

Last week’s record: 10-0

No. 1 Helix @ Valhalla

            DeSilva: Helix

No. 2 Cathedral Catholic @ No. 6 Madison

            DeSilva: Cathedral Catholic

No. 3 St. Augustine @ Lincoln

            DeSilva: St. Augustine

No. 4 Carlsbad @ No. 9 Oceanside

            DeSilva: Carlsbad

No. 7 Mission Hills vs. Torrey Pines

            DeSilva: Mission Hills

No. 8 La Costa Canyon @ Valley Center

            DeSilva: La Costa Canyon

No. 10 Bishop’s @ La Jolla Country Day

            DeSilva: Bishop’s

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