Fayetteville suffers heartbreaking football playoff loss after taking a knee too soon (video)

All the Fayetteville Bulldogs had to do was run out the clock and they were through to the second round of the Class 7A Arkansas high school football playoffs.

Leading Little Rock Central 35-34 with less than 10 seconds to play, Fayetteville had a fourth-down play on its 17-yard line. With the game and play clocks running down, the Bulldogs snapped the ball with four seconds left and immediately took a knee.

But it was too soon.

Fayetteville took a knee on the 11-yard line with two seconds left, and because it was fourth down, the clock automatically stopped. LR Central quickly ran its field goal unit on the field and kicked a 28-yard field goal to win the game 37-35.

Watch the heartbreaking finish:


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