Arizona high school football semifinals: Predictions from SBLive

Which teams will advance to play for state titles next week in Arizona high school football?

Here’s who we’re picking in each of this weekend’s semifinal matchups. Feel free to share your picks in the comments section.

Congratulations to Lance Smith, who went 19-4 to win the Round 1 title. Hamilton photo by Will Edmonds.


(5) Liberty at (1) Chandler

JD Humburg: Chandler

Bodie De Silva: Chandler

Lance Smith: Chandler

Connor Morrissette: Chandler

René Ferrán: Chandler

(6) Salpointe Catholic at (2) Hamilton 

JD Humburg: Hamilton

Bodie De Silva: Hamilton

Lance Smith: Hamilton

Connor Morrissette: Hamilton

René Ferrán: Hamilton

6A PLAYOFFS | Bracket

(4) Highland at (1) Boulder Creek

JD Humburg: Highland

Bodie De Silva: Highland

Lance Smith: Highland

Connor Morrissette: Highland

René Ferrán: Highland

(7) Chaparral at (3) Sandra Day O’Connor 

JD Humburg: Chaparral

Bodie De Silva: Chaparral

Lance Smith: Sandra Day O’Connor

Connor Morrissette: Chaparral

René Ferrán: Chaparral

5A PLAYOFFS | Bracket

(5) Campo Verde at (1) Sunrise Mountain 

JD Humburg: Sunrise Mountain

Bodie De Silva: Sunrise Mountain

Lance Smith: Campo Verde

Connor Morrissette: Sunrise Mountain

René Ferrán: Sunrise Mountain

(7) Notre Dame Prep at (6) Ironwood

JD Humburg: Ironwood

Bodie De Silva: Notre Dame Prep

Lance Smith: Notre Dame Prep

Connor Morrissette: Notre Dame Prep

René Ferrán: Notre Dame Prep

4A PLAYOFFS | Bracket

(4) Cactus at (1) Casa Grande 

JD Humburg: Cactus

Bodie De Silva: Casa Grande

Lance Smith: Casa Grande

Connor Morrissette: Casa Grande

René Ferrán: Cactus

(3) Mesquite at (2) ALA-Queen Creek

JD Humburg: Mesquite

Bodie De Silva: ALA-Queen Creek

Lance Smith: Mesquite

Connor Morrissette: Mesquite

René Ferrán: Mesquite

3A PLAYOFFS | Bracket

(4) Pusch Ridge vs. (1) Yuma Catholic

JD Humburg: Yuma Catholic

Bodie De Silva: Yuma Catholic

Lance Smith: Pusch Ridge

Connor Morrissette: Yuma Catholic

René Ferrán: Yuma Catholic

(3) ALA-Gilbert North vs. (2) Snowflake

JD Humburg: Snowflake

Bodie De Silva: ALA-Gilbert North

Lance Smith: Snowflake

Connor Morrissette: ALA-Gilbert North

René Ferrán: Snowflake

2A PLAYOFFS | Bracket

(4) Arizona Lutheran vs. (1) Benson 

JD Humburg: Benson

Bodie De Silva: Benson

Lance Smith: Benson

Connor Morrissette: Benson

René Ferrán: Benson

(7) St. Johns vs. (3) Santa Cruz Valley 

JD Humburg: Santa Cruz Valley

Bodie De Silva: St. Johns

Lance Smith: Santa Cruz Valley

Connor Morrissette: Santa Cruz Valley

René Ferrán: Santa Cruz Valley


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