Arizona high school football Week 4 predictions from SBLive

Hamilton or Saguaro? Pinnacle or Centennial? Chaparral or Brophy Prep? Casteel or Williams Field? Desert Ridge or Red Mountain? Liberty or Queen Creek?

Here’s who we’re picking in each of those Week 4 high school football matchups, as well as several others.

Agree or disagree with our picks?

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Congratulations to René Ferrán, who went 11-4 to win the Week 3 title.

Brady Shough (Hamilton) photo by Heather Hackett

Mountain Ridge at Boulder Creek 

JD Humburg: Boulder Creek

Bodie De Silva: Boulder Creek

Lance Smith: Boulder Creek

Connor Morrissette: Boulder Creek

René Ferrán: Boulder Creek

Pinnacle at Centennial

JD Humburg: Pinnacle   

Bodie De Silva: Pinnacle   

Lance Smith: Pinnacle

Connor Morrissette: Centennial

René Ferrán: Centennial

Brophy Prep at Chaparral 

JD Humburg: Chaparral

Bodie De Silva: Chaparral

Lance Smith: Brophy Prep   

Connor Morrissette: Chaparral

René Ferrán: Chaparral

Mountain View (Mesa) at Desert Vista 

JD Humburg: Desert Vista    

Bodie De Silva: Mountain View (Mesa)

Lance Smith: Mountain View (Mesa)

Connor Morrissette: Mountain View (Mesa)

René Ferrán: Mountain View (Mesa)

Cibola at Gila Ridge 

JD Humburg: Cibola

Bodie De Silva: Cibola

Lance Smith: Gila Ridge    

Connor Morrissette: Gila Ridge    

René Ferrán: Cibola

Chandler at Higley

JD Humburg: Chandler

Bodie De Silva: Chandler

Lance Smith: Chandler

Connor Morrissette: Chandler

René Ferrán: Chandler

Corona del Sol at Mesa

JD Humburg: Corona del Sol

Bodie De Silva: Corona del Sol

Lance Smith: Corona del Sol

Connor Morrissette: Corona del Sol

René Ferrán: Corona del Sol

Basha at Mountain Pointe

JD Humburg: Basha 

Bodie De Silva: Basha

Lance Smith: Mountain Pointe

Connor Morrissette: Mountain Pointe

René Ferrán: Basha

Highland at Perry 

JD Humburg: Perry    

Bodie De Silva: Highland

Lance Smith: Highland

Connor Morrissette: Highland

René Ferrán: Highland

Liberty at Queen Creek

JD Humburg: Queen Creek

Bodie De Silva: Queen Creek

Lance Smith: Queen Creek

Connor Morrissette: Queen Creek

René Ferrán: Queen Creek

Desert Ridge at Red Mountain 

JD Humburg: Red Mountain    

Bodie De Silva: Desert Ridge

Lance Smith: Desert Ridge

Connor Morrissette: Desert Ridge

René Ferrán: Desert Ridge

Sandra Day O’Connor at Shadow Ridge

JD Humburg: Shadow Ridge

Bodie De Silva: Sandra Day O’Connor    

Lance Smith: Shadow Ridge

Connor Morrissette: Sandra Day O’Connor    

René Ferrán: Shadow Ridge

McClintock at Skyline 

JD Humburg: Skyline

Bodie De Silva: McClintock

Lance Smith: McClintock

Connor Morrissette: Skyline

René Ferrán: Skyline

Valley Vista at Verrado

JD Humburg: Valley Vista

Bodie De Silva: Verrado

Lance Smith: Valley Vista

Connor Morrissette: Valley Vista

René Ferrán: Verrado

Dobson at Westwood

JD Humburg: Dobson    

Bodie De Silva: Dobson    

Lance Smith: Westwood

Connor Morrissette: Dobson    

René Ferrán: Westwood

Casteel at Williams Field 

JD Humburg: Casteel

Bodie De Silva: Casteel

Lance Smith: Casteel

Connor Morrissette: Casteel

René Ferrán: Casteel

Hamilton at Saguaro 

JD Humburg: Hamilton   

Bodie De Silva: Saguaro

Lance Smith: Hamilton   

Connor Morrissette: Hamilton    

René Ferrán: Saguaro


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