A.P. Brewer Patriots
A.P. Brewer Patriots
Junior Varsity Girls Cross Country
0-0 Overall • 0-0 League

A.P. Brewer Girls Cross Country Roster

#PlayersPos 1Pos 2YearHeightWeight
Breia RuskBreia RuskJr.5' 6"115 lbs
Rose BettsRose BettsSo.5' 6"115 lbs
Yeira GuzmanYeira GuzmanSo.5' 3"140 lbs
Josephine ButlerJosephine ButlerFr.5' 6"105 lbs
Ella PenaElla PenaFr.5' 5"
Alina CarletonAlina Carleton8t.5' 6"
Eliana GatesEliana GatesFr.5' 4"
Petra CrossPetra CrossFr.5' 6"
Nellie CrossNellie Cross-5' 1"
Anna PesinaAnna PesinaFr.5' 2"
Ellie WatsonEllie WatsonFr.5' 5"


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