A.P. Brewer Patriots
A.P. Brewer Patriots
Junior Varsity Boys Cross Country
0-0 Overall • 0-0 League

A.P. Brewer Boys Cross Country Roster

#PlayersPos 1Pos 2YearHeightWeight
Matthew MatkinMatthew MatkinSo.5' 8"120 lbs
Nathan HurlbuttNathan HurlbuttFr.5' 7"130 lbs
Dane HomanDane HomanFr.6' 2"173 lbs
Nathan ButlerNathan ButlerJr.6' 1"130 lbs
Matthew DubeMatthew DubeFr.5' 10"145 lbs
Charles  Matkin Charles Matkin 8t.5' 4"120 lbs
Jeron CarletonJeron CarletonSo.5' 9"130 lbs
Carter SmothersCarter Smothers-5' 3"100 lbs
Brice  Williams Brice Williams -4' 6"75 lbs


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